2017 in music

Hotter Colder - This Is The Kit

Probably my favourite album of the year, and this is probably my favourite song off it. Spooky, witchy beautifully produced weirdness.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - French Press

A sound so Australian it could beat the English cricket team if you turned up the volume, and this is their best song. It’s made of Go-betweens, on a jus of Triffids and I think at times there’s about 400 guitars playing at once and they all jangle.

Jane Weaver - The Architect

She’s just wonderful. Ploughing her own furrow for years and suddenly becomes everyone’s favourite krautpsychrockastrowoman. I loved the Silver Globe and was worried about being disappointed by the follow-up (Cate le Bon, I am looking at you with tears in my eyes).

LCD Soundsystem - Call The Police

Most bands that split up, should do. LCD shouldn’t have done and I am very glad they are back, and came back with what I reckon is their second best album. James Murphy is just one of the best people in music. 

Idles - Well Done

MARY BERRY LOVES REGGAE. Sometimes you just need to turn things up. I am so scared of pant guitarist though.

Sugar Town - Shitkid

Wins points for the stage name alone, this is a glorious Crampsy B-movie psychobilly racket. Also, sadly, a great example of wow I love this let me listen to the rest of the album…oh.

God In Chicago - Craig Finn

The closest thing to a Ray Carver short story you’ll get in music. This is just lovely and sad, and such good writing.

Miami - Baxter Drury

Most amusingly mad lyric of the year, no contest, married to sleazedisco.  You might not want to play this at your nan’s. Unless she’s Miami too.

Loyle Carner - Stars And Shards

Proper British hip-hop following his own melancholy path. Not many albums in the genre you’d think of as rainy day music but this is. And that flow.

Earl Grey (Stuck In A Groove) - Girl Ray

I liked the album this is from a lot, and like the way they just decided to shove about ten songs into one with this one. And that Rhodes piano that comes in just before 2 mins gets me right there.